Kentucky State Nutrition Action Council

Kentucky State Nutrition Action Council acts as a state-level partnership with representation for state agencies and nonprofits that all participate and implement USDA programs.  Collaboratively, these organizations strive to reach the underserved individuals to provide food benefits, nutrition education, healthy community activities, efforts to reduce food insecurity and improve the quality of life of Kentuckians.

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Our Mission

Kentucky State Nutrition Action Council was established to maximize nutrition education efforts and improve coordination and collaboration among SNAP-Ed state agencies, FNS Nutrition Assistance Programs, public health agencies, and The Food and Nutrition Education Programs.

Being At Home Together

Kentucky was assigned the task of creating an initiative that would best represent the work and efforts of SNAC. With the unexpected pandemic and COVID crisis, families were forced to stay at home and utilize resources available at hand. Virtual learning, shopping, working and living became the new normal.

In order to offer individuals the resources they would need to access food nutrition as well as health and wellness options and information, Kentucky SNAC created the initiative “Being At Home Together”.

A virtual toolkit that would offer resources such as recipes, wellness information, exercise tips, gardening tips, and many other options of staying safe and healthy at home.
mom and daughter cooking